NPRSA Governance

The NPRSA is governed by a seven member Board composed of representatives from the City of Bothell, City of Kenmore, City of Woodinville, King County, and Snohomish County.

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As outlined in the Board Bylaws, NPRSA Board responsibilities include: hiring employees, entering into contracts, purchasing or leasing property, assessing fees or charges, purchasing, and submitting ballot propositions for issuance of bonds or tax levies in addition to funding operational expenses of the Service Area.

Current NPRSA Board Members include:

City of Bothell: Councilmember James McNeal (Chair), Councilmember Tom Agnew (Vice Chair)
City of Kenmore:
Council Member Joe Marshall
City of Woodinville:
Mayor Elaine Cook
King County:
Councilmember Kathy Lambert, Councilmember Rod Dembowski
Snohomish County:
Councilmember Terry Ryan